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Through modern digital technologies, we finance the development and expansion of companies that are dedicated to diverse scalable projects with a focus on sustainability

In the initial phase, when the company already has "proof of concept", i.e. a finished prototype of the product, These functions bring a high demand potential for the token and the opportunity for listing on secondary markets - token exchanges. People who then trade this token on exchanges bring liquidity to token holders who purchased it through LBworld in the presale. We call this type of funding “tokenization”.

For a better understanding of the principle of pre-sale and the generation of profit, you have at your disposal a case study of the first successfully managed Refork project.

In the next phase, when the company has passed the fragile initial stage, another tool for financing expansion comes into play - "loan participation".

Tokenization and loan participation are two basic sets of tools, thanks to which you too can participate in the support and growth of healthy and potentially successful companies.

The Tokenization Principle

How we select projects for funding

Criteria for assessing and selecting a business project

Functional Tokenomics

Functional tokenomics means the possibility of a real and meaningful use of tokens, which aims to create natural demand. Therefore, it increases its price and ultimately the profit for the token holder from the presale.


Economics Social Environmental

Viability and scalability of the business model
Business plan and Founder's personality

Examples of token utility functions

Circulation - discount for token payments
Payments – payment for products up to 100%
Customization – the possibility to customize the product according to the client's needs
Loyalty – benefits on repeat purchases and token holdings
Community – the possibility to participate in the decision-making process of the token issuer's next steps
Transparency – immutable entry in the blockchain for verification of origin, license, product batch

Functions of smart contracts


a defined portion of tokens will be burned when returned to the issuer


token distribution via blockchain for marketing activities or so-called royalties (pre-defined rewards for early purchase or holding of the token)

These features drive the circulation of the token and the demand for it. The growing demand along with the burning of some of the tokens reduces the amount of token available and increases its price.

This is the basis for a successful token pre-sale and therefore effective fundraising.

Tokenomics 101

smart contract creation(token creation) + whitepaper (definition of token characteristics and functions)

  • launching the web presentation of the project and the user interface (registration process)

  • preparation of the pre-sale platform for acquisition and management

  • launch and progress of pre-sale

  • launching a term deposit for a token (staking)

  • listing on the first token exchanges (secondary markets)

  • marketing + market-making

  • profitable exit of first clients from pre-sale

  • listing on mid-tier token exchanges

  • profitable exit of majority clients from pre-sale

  • listing on the largest token exchanges

  • global trading on secondary markets

  • token's position among the TOP 200 cryptocurrencies in terms of market volume capitalization