Tokenization Solutions for Refork

Refork SE brings a solution to the global single-use plastic problem. It focuses on the production of biodegradable materials for gastronomy.

Objective: Obtaining financial resources to build a research and development (R&D) center.

Means: EFK utility token EFK based on SPL - description and functions described in the Whitepaper 3.0.

Result: Raised over $6 million and issued 390 million EFK tokens.

With the funds raised, Refork's products portfolio now includes:

Knifes Forks Spoons
Dessert spoons Straws Coming soon: Toothbrushes

Situation of clients who purchased EFK token in the pre-sale

They hold their EFK tokens freely on wallets

In the LBbroker client platform, on exchanges, or private online or offline wallets.

EFK tokens held within the LBbroker environment in a term deposit.

EFK Stake

EFK tokens sold with a profit on LBbroker or on the token exchanges
Client token positions from pre-sale
Available tokens (70%) Tokens in term deposits (23%) Sale with profit (7%)

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