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LBworld services


The LBbroker service allows our clients to manage their investments in both cryptocurrency and the real world.


The LBtechnology service provides a technological solution for the entire LBworld concept and the projects in its portfolio.


The LBincubator service provides incubation for potentially successful projects from early stages.


The LBfinance service connects investors, external partners and business opportunities.

Why LB?

We believe that direct connection of investors and projects is the essential part of 21st century. People have developed blockchain technology which is capable to keep the whole history of the process unchanged, people are continuously developing new projects that have essential common denominator which is sustainability. Our unique mission is to develop projects in close cooperation with investors throughout the whole value chain. We are building our joint future on transparency and visibility of actions. We are bringing a business model that combines crypto- and real world- approach to life:

Cryptworld and real business

We combine the best of the world of Blockchain and real business: real experience, blockchain reliability, decentralized credibility and sustainability.

Goals and strategy

Our strategy is determined by the key pillars that embody our responsibility to society and the environment around us. We focus on financial, social and environmental sustainability.


We identify exceptional business opportunities, develop them, connect them with investors, manage these opportunities and multiply the assets of investors and companies.

We help build your business
at every stage

We are currently preparing new service offerings such as LBmine, LBmeet and many others.

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