Simply connects opportunities

We finance sustainable projects with a high potential for success and growth through their own cryptocurrencies.


Over 1400 people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia have already joined us to have the opportunity to participate and earn from the success of projects focused on sustainability and innovation by buying and selling cryptocurrencies of these projects. Safely, in local currency, and with customer support. Some still hold their position in crypto, others have transferred their funds to more conservative tools within the same project, and others simply just took out their profit."

Sales Representatives

Financial consultants and Sales Representatives gained an interesting and modern product for their portfolio and thereby a competitive advantage.

Startup founders

Startup founders are getting a new kind of funding which, among other things, creates an active community of supporters and brand ambassadors. They can also participate in decisions about the use of financing, the expansion of the product range or the entry into new markets.

In addition to the standard investor criteria, the condition for admission to the LBworld program is primary focus on sustainability.

I'm a client

The LBbroker client application is intended for clients, which allows them to purchase and manage their assets.

I'm a sales representative

The LBfinance business application is intended for sales representatives, providing an overview of production and rewards.

What clients and sales representatives said about LBworld