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Green solution to the global problem of disposable plastics

After a successful pre-sale in cooperation with LocalBitman SE, ReFork Industries OÜ signed a cooperation agreement with the LBworld platform.

The subject of cooperation is the creation of secondary products, such as: Digi Renta, EFK stake or EFK liquidity.

The signed agreement also includes a commitment to support EFK tokens on secondary markets. The cooperation between LBworld and ReFork Industries OÜ will also be in the areas of marketing, market making and negotiating strategic partnerships.

The cooperation is a logical outcome of ReFork Industries OÜ’s efforts to ensure a healthy and progressive market for the EFK token

The ReFork project provides a solution to the current global problem with disposable plastics. The whole process of producing disposable plastics, from oil extraction to storage, fundamentally destroys our environment (climate change). The only way to prevent the continued destruction of planet Earth is to follow the rules of the circular economy and use only degradable materials.

ReFork products do not burden or destroy our planet and fit perfectly into the circular economy. The unique ReFork material decomposes back into biomass, leaving no plastic trace behind. The basis of materials is waste, which is generated during the production of wood and during the processing of potatoes.

ReFork is ready for impending global restrictions on disposable non-degradable plastics.

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