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We wrote about the best companies for corporate culture last year, and at that time, we hadn’t entirely made the shift. Now we have. The Business Roundtable, a group of nearly 200 CEOs from the world’s biggest brands, recently said that shareholders were no longer the central purpose of today’s companies. Employees are now the focus, which means corporate culture is too.

So, what really defines corporate culture? Fancy perks and a pretty office alone do not build culture and cause employees to do their best work. Culture needs to go beyond the superficial.

“It’s important to think about a prospective company’s corporate culture when you’re considering a career change or looking to get to the next level in your career.”

The values that help achieve these are what Glassdoor calls the Big 9 Cultural Values, and they’re cited the most by leading companies and have the greatest impact on results.

As a career coach and speaker working with high-achievers, I’ve seen many talented employees leaving cultures this year because of a lack of one or all of these critical components. Individuals need to enjoy both their day-to-day tasks and the work environment to be happy in a role and avoid burnout. It’s the same thing when changing careers. Clarity on a job role and industry aren’t enough – the choice of company is crucial too.

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