About us

Sustainability is the key

Our mission is to create and nurture an environment that connects real projects focusing on sustainable future and fundraising through blockchain technologies.

The LBworld platform currently combines 4 services that help fulfill the potential of sustainable projects. These are LBbroker, LBfinance, LBincubator and LBtechnology.

We recognize three key aspects to sustainability.

  1. Financial
  2. Social
  3. Environmental

Even though financial gain is the primary driver behind just about every business endeavour, social well being and environmental impact are just as important. We prioritize our project selection based on this crucial triangle of values being in balance.

CEO Message

“The entire world is rapidly moving forward. New technologies are changing our lives more than ever before. Even though digitalization or environment sustainability drives our day-to-day decisions, business models of entire industries are still rigid and limping far behind technology and peoples’ desires.

We have decided to build an environment: LB world that will become an enabler of such a change. We are connecting technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with real projects that have an ambition be a part of sustainable future in these key aspects – Economy, Social and Environment

The connection of these aspects is as essential as the need of sustainability for everyone on the planet Earth – we focus on projects that have regional or even global ambition. Therefore, we use blockchain and crypto technologies as they are reliable and trustworthy anywhere in the world.”

“We change present to sustain future”


Josef Žádník
Chief Executive Officer

Petr Vaňkát
Head of strategy

Robin Mokrý
Head of support

Ondřej Vomela

Michal Vlasák
Mass communication